Can I propose a second session?

I propose we design a digital humanities unit from scratch. We should profile the staff and resources and the funding methods. We might even get cute and come up with a few fictional project descriptions that tell the story of how we came to be involved, how we thought through the designs and implementation and what sort of problems we encountered. The nice thing about doing this as a group design exercise is that the resulting account wont sound like one person winging about the problems they have experienced with a particular institution but instead may end up being quite a good descriptive document that will help us better define the actual on the ground processes of doing digital humanities.

About Steven Hayes

I've worked at the Archaeological Computing lab for the past five years and have been deeply involved in the development and implementation of Heurist. Specific projects include the Dictionary of Sydney and the Charles Harpur Critical archive. I work predominantly with researcher groups - usually with ARC funding - to model their research data, implement this in Heurist and in doing so refine the general model of humanities research data that underpins the Heurist project.
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  1. Hi Steven. There was a workshop session similar to this proceeding last years DH Conference at KCL. It would make a fantastic addition.

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