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I've worked at the Archaeological Computing lab for the past five years and have been deeply involved in the development and implementation of Heurist. Specific projects include the Dictionary of Sydney and the Charles Harpur Critical archive. I work predominantly with researcher groups - usually with ARC funding - to model their research data, implement this in Heurist and in doing so refine the general model of humanities research data that underpins the Heurist project.

Can I propose a second session?

I propose we design a digital humanities unit from scratch. We should profile the staff and resources and the funding methods. We might even get cute and come up with a few fictional project descriptions that tell the story of … Continue reading

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ADB Mining

I’d like to propose a session that aims to produce (or failing that, define) a tool that will take in an Australian historical text and locate within this text all the mentions of people named in the Australia Dictionary of … Continue reading

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