The Great PROV Data Challenge!

PROV, VPRS 8935 State Bank Victoria Archives – Photographic Collection, P1, Unit 7, Item 6365, Computer Clerks

As part of THATcamp Melbourne, PROV is opening up a treasure trove of historic data to you eager hackers in a bid to bring the state archives into the 23rd Century! We’ll put on the coffee, the tasty treats and a venue…all we ask of you is a laptop, a disposition towards creativity, and a desire to interpret, find, play and connect.

There’ll be real live judges, prizes, and the winners will show off their creations on Friday night 25 March at THATcamp Melbourne.

As well as providing data from our collection we’ll be linking to other datasets as they come on board. So keep your eye on THATcamp Melbourne, and #thatcamp on twitter for updates. If you would like to bring along some data, or suggest a set that you think would be worthwhile please add the details here We’d also like to know if you have suggestions for tools/apps/visualisations etc you’d like to see built!

Order of the Day

8.30  Sign-up & coffee/tea

9.00  Introductions and Hack

12.30 Lunch

3.30  Demos (5mins each), judging and prizes

4.30  Finish


Where: Victorian Archives Centre
99 Shiel Street, North Melbourne
When: Thursday 24 March 2011
Time: 9.00am – 4.30pm
Registration: Part of the THATCamp registration

Contact Asa Letourneau (PROV) and Conal Tuohy for details

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