Bootcamp Microfellowships

As part of THATCamp Melbourne, we will hold a series of three structured technical workshops or ‘bootcamps’. These workshops will have up to 35 participants; so everyone will get a chance to attend at least one. However if you apply for the Bootcamp Micro-fellowships, you must attend all 3 of the sessions (and please make sure you have been admitted to THATCamp Melbourne before you apply for the Micro-fellowship; so after 25 February 2011)

A BootCamp is a introductory workshops in various digital skills. We think newbies and experts alike will benefit from cultivating “beginner’s mind” in these workshops, but we think it’s especially beneficial for “analog” humanists, librarians, and museum professionals to learn alongside passionate and expert technologists. Through the generosity of the US based Mellon Foundation, the Kress Foundation, and the Council on Library and Information Resources, we are therefore offering BootCamp fellowships in the amount of $500 (USD) to encourage people to come to THATCamp to begin acquiring digital skills.

About applying for a BootCamp fellowship (closed 10 March, 2011)

Please use this form to apply for the BootCamp fellowship which are administered by the Centre for History and New Media in the US. Currently, only faculty in the humanities, librarians, archivists, and art museum professionals are eligible. Graduate students and postgraduate fellows in all of the preceding fields are also eligible.