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I mentioned in my Bootcamp session outline that if people wanted to play along it would be good to have a web server stack installed. This sounds much scarier than it is is, and it really gives you the opportunity to start playing with a variety of web technologies in the safety of your own computer. So I was thinking that perhaps it would be good to have a ‘load my laptop’ session where folks can bring along their computers and other folks (hopefully not just me) can help them install web servers, databases, programming languages, editors, version control etc etc.

Anyone interested?

About Tim Sherratt

I'm a digital historian, web developer and cultural data hacker who's been developing online resources relating to archives, museums and history since 1993. I've written on weather, progress and the atomic age, and developed resources including Bright Sparcs, Mapping our Anzacs and The History Wall. I'm currently employed by the National Museum of Australia, as well as being an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Digital Design and Media Arts Research Cluster at the University of Canberra. I was one of the organisers of THATCamp Canberra in 2010.
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