Session proposal – time aligned text and media

Media provides the basis for much Humanities research. In Linguistics, field recordings are transcribed and then used as the proof for linguistic analysis. Access to media and provision of online versions of media and transcripts has become much easier with the release of HTML5 – no more streaming servers, no more flash. How can we use these technologies and what are the implications for the way we present the results of our research? I will be illustrating an example we have worked on recently, called EOPAS. Time-codes within media can be called from ordinary html pages so a dictionary can now have citation forms of headwords called from within large media files rather than having several thousand mp3 files on the server. This session will toss around ideas about using such media/text installations.

About Nick Thieberger

Linguist interested in creating citable and reusable data from fieldwork, hence archiving (PARADISEC) and online presentation of text and media using HTML5 (EOPAS). ARC QE2 Fellow in Linguistics at U.Melbourne.
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