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ThatCamp Melbourne has come to a close but the knowledge shared and the great work produced shouldn’t stay ‘indoors’. In the spirit of linked open data please post your learnings, ruminations, reports, session links here so we can build on the ThatCamp experience. I have taken the liberty of kicking off with a clarion call of my own:

The Great PROV Data Challenge was an absolute ripper with all teams producing some brilliant work. We’d love to share your entries with the world so if anyone out there from The Kelly Gang, The Otway Rangers and The Grave Diggers would like to add a link to their hack in reply to this post we’d be really grateful!

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Work for PROV in online engagement. Dig semantic web, virtual worlds, GIS, visualisations, data analytics, 3D modelling, social media, natural language apps, and macrame.
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